Newly Created Hearing Rights Under ORC 5160.37

Effective September 29, 2015, amendments to ORC 5160.37 creates hearing rights for persons who want to dispute the amount that Ohio Medicaid was paid, or claims it is owed, to reimburse Medicaid for medical expenses it paid on the person's behalf. The changes in the law create two group of persons with hearing rights:

Group #1

This group are persons who have already reimbursed Medicaid and the reimbursement occurred on or after September 29, 2007, but no later than September 28, 2015. This group has until March 27, 2016, to request a hearing. Ohio Medicaid plans to send everyone in this group a letter by December 18, 2015, advising them of their hearing rights. If you are in this group you can click on Request a Hearing to learn about this process and how to request a hearing.

Group #2

The second group are persons who have made a payment to Medicaid after September 28, 2015, or who will be doing so in the future. This group will be advised of their hearing rights in the final lien letter that they receive from the Ohio Tort Recovery Unit. If you are in this group and have already received a final lien letter without this notice, the Ohio Tort Recovery Unit will send you a separate letter advising you of your hearing rights.

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