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Medicaid is always payor of last resort. Identifying third party insurance allows the State to cost avoid on claims where a member is enrolled in a commercial insurance plan.

Who is HMS?
Health Management Systems (HMS) is contracted by the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) to provide a full range of third party liability services.


As Ohio's trusted partner for many years, we have cultivated a successful relationship the Ohio provider community, aiding the State in its endeavor to coordinate benefits and ensure proper payments with minimal burden. HMS's Third Party Liability (TPL) program includes Coordination of Benefits Post Payment Recovery, Provider Disallowance and Tort Recovery.

These services serve to identify, verify, recover and account for Medicaid expenditures where viable third party resources are available to members.

Contact Information

Ohio Tort Recovery Unit
5475 Rings Rd., Suite 200
Dublin, OH 43017

Phone:  888-245-9019
Fax:  614-242-1051
Email:  ohiotort@hms.com